Modèles de données et de simulation pour la RV&A

This research topic aims at studying means of creating a continuum between the models underlying specific applications and the available platforms for the implementation of such applications in V&AR. We mainly work on three approaches - in-depth analysis of data structures (assumed to be massive and complex) to take full advantage of V&AR data rendering techniques, such as for Computer Fluid Dynamics and for Molecular docking- real-time algorithms to create realistic virtual simulations dedicated to V&AR, such as for simulation of Relativistic phenomena - conceiving dedicated models to have an advanced interface between a complex software application and a V&AR framework, such as VR-CAD integration for Design and Engineering.

This topics is structured as the following:

  • Simulation Moléculaire,
  • Exploration de données de Mécanique des Fluides Simulation de phénomènes physiques inaccessibles à l'experience humaine
  • Conception, Engineering & Manufacturing.

Nos principaux champs d'applications relative à ces thèmes concernent, l'Industries (Conception, Engineering & Manufacturing, Training), les Sciences (Physique, Biologie, Human factors), et l'Education.


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