Publications (revues et conférences) de 2014 et 2015

Revues Conférences


  1. Weiya Chen, Céline Clavel, Nicolas Ferey and Patrick Bourdot.
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  2. Anne-Elisabeth Molza, Nicolas Ferey, Mirjam Czjzek, Elisabeth Le Rumeur, Jean-Francois Hubert, Alex Tek, Benoist Laurent, Marc Baaden and Olivier Delalande.
    Innovative interactive flexible docking method for multi-scale reconstruction elucidates dystrophin molecular assembly. Faraday Discussion (169):18, 2014.

  3. Matthieu Dreher, Jessica Prevoteau-Jonquet, Mikaël Trellet, Marc Piuzzi, Marc Baaden, Bruno Raffin, Nicolas Ferey, Sophie Robert and Sébastien Limet.
    ExaViz: a flexible framework to analyse, steer and interact with molecular dynamics simulations. Faraday Discussion (169):8, 2014.

  4. Bob Menelas, Lorenzo Picinali, Patrick Bourdot and Brian Katz.
    Non-visual identification, localization, and selection of entities of interest in a 3D environment. Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, pages 1-14, 2014.

Revues Conférences


  1. Mikaël Trellet, Nicolas Ferey, Marc Baaden and Patrick Bourdot.
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