Virtuality, Interaction, Design, & Art (VIDA)

VIDA (Virtuality, Interaction, Design, & Art) is a transverse action at LIMSI supporting and promoting collaborations between engineering sciences and creative domains of contemporary arts (visual arts, dance, music, theater, and performance) including also design and architecture. VIDA activities gather members of various groups at LIMSI and cover 3 themes of research:

  1. Virtual and Augmented reality for the performing arts, architecture, and visual arts,
  2. Multimodal human-computer interaction for music, dance, or theater performance,
  3. Virtual Materiality for cognitive experiments in art and science.

VIDA is also in charge of organizing events related to art-science topics with academic or associative partners on the Paris-Saclay campus (Festival CURIOSITas, La Diagonale, Scube ...) and to contribute to the reflection on new forms of interaction between art and science. The Interférences_VIDA also offer seminars open to a wider audience in which artistists and scientists share their experience on a particular theme.

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