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The VENISE group has worked during several years on the specification of the EVE System a large and reconfigurable immersive Virtual Environment, dealing with multi-sensorimotor and collaborative aspects of human interactions within Virtual or Augmented worlds. Actually, EVE system includes many original features, whose combination is currently unique in the world:

  • Visual display (BARCO technology) composed of several 5m-high HD screens surrounding a 13m² floor glass screen, one surrounding screen articulated for the management of two immersive geometries:
  • CAVE vs Wall;
  • Multi-stereoscopy to provide an exact visual depth perception for separate groups of people, in order to study co-localised immersive collaborations;
  • 3D audio facilities (Binaural and Ambisonic), visual projectors enclosed in acoustic casings, full system settled in a large room with strict acoustical constraints;
  • Haptic feedbacks over the full zone of the 13m² floor glass screen (cf. Scale 1 / Boom 3D device of HAPTION).


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