VENISE: Virtual & augmented ENvIronments for Simulation & Experiments

VENISE is the Virtual & Augmented Reality (V&AR) research team of the CNRS/LIMSI lab. Our research aims at developing methods and tools to make immersive and collaborative interactions more "natural" or more intuitive, either in virtual worlds or in virtual worlds coupled to the real one.We strive at making our models generic enough so that they apply to a large range of immersive environments, such as collaborative (RAVE, CAVE, Workbench ...), individual (HMD, see-through ...), or multi-sensorimotor (stereoscopic, 3D audio, haptic...). We develop and test the usefulness of our concepts in the context of different application areas.

We develop and test the usefulness of our concepts in the context of different application areas.

Research topics 

aPIE 4520The VENISE research team is structured as the following: 

Our main application fields are: Industries, Sciences (Physics, Biology, Human factors), Education and Training.

OPEN PROPOSALSPost-Doc, PhD thesis, Master thesis, & Internships


EVE System (Environnement Virtuel Evolutif)

Le système de réalité virtuelle immersive et multiutilisateur EVEThe VENISE group has worked during several years on the specification of the EVE System a large and reconfigurable immersive Virtual Environment, dealing with multi-sensorimotor and collaborative aspects of human interactions within Virtual or Augmented worlds. Actually, EVE system includes many original features, whose combination is up today unique in the world.

More information on EVE system is available here.






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