Research topics

  • Two-phase flows, dynamics and transfers :
    M.-C. Duluc, D. Juric, N. Grenier
    BLUE, an HPC code in 3D DNS for two-phase flows;Numerical modeling of compressible two-phase flows at low Mach number;Boiling
  • Oscillating flows, dynamics and transfers:
    S. Kouidri, F. Jebali Jerbi, G. Defresne
    Mesures d’écoulements redressés en fluides oscillants (PIV, LDV) ; Effet des gradients tranverses sur le streaming ; Calibration de fil chaud en fluide oscillant.
  • Heat transfer in solid/superfluid and in micro-nano junctions :
    J. Amrit
    Kapitza thermal resistance at the silicon/helium-4 interface is superfluous;Interface between a classical solid and a quantum helium-4 crystal;Thermal transport in ballistic mode in ribbons by Monte Carlo;Optimization of thermoelectric properties of materials of interest
  • Applied convective transfers and Solar energies :
    M. Pons, V. Bourdin, M.-C. Duluc, M. Jarrahi, G. Defresne, M. Firdaouss
    External natural convection around a linear source generated by a pulsed heating;Hydrodynamics of microswimmers;Oblique Darcean flows in anisotropic porous media;Dynamic simulation of linear Fresnel mirror solar collectors;Energy efficiency of CO2 hydrate grouts for secondary refrigeration processes;Photovoltaic Association (PV) + Plane Mirrors - Evaluation of photovoltaic components in outdoor environments - Massive integration of renewable energies into networks - Experiments, simulations and analyses.


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