TSF : Solid-Fluid Transfer

The specificity of the Solid-Fluid Transfer group relies in its know-how in Heat transfer and Energetics. In the broad field of Heat transfer and Energetics, which is constantly revisited by new experimental techniques (e.g. optical velocimetry), new materials, or new challenges (e.g. micro- and nano-scales), the Solid-Fluid Transfer group explores four domains:

  1. Two-phase flows, dynamics and transfers,
  2. Oscillating flows, dynamics and transfers,
  3. Heat transfer in solid/superfluid and in micro-nano junctions
  4. Applied convective transfers and Solar energies

Another characteristic is that almost any member of the group is or was an experimentalist, or, if not, closely works with experimentalists. Globally speaking, our experimental skills are:

  • Thermal probes (temperature, fluxes) in cryogenics conditions, for studying the Kapitza resistance at cryogenic temperatures;
  • Particle Image Velocimetry, Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Piezoelectric pressure sensors, for studying acoustic streaming of various intensity in thermoacoustic / acoustic resonators;
  • Hot wires in an oscillating fluid, for cases where optical velocimetry techniques cannot be used.

Considering numerical simulations, some of us develop numerical codes with advanced numerical techniques, most of us mainly use numerical codes and contribute partially to their development. Globally speaking, the numerical skills developed in the group are:

  • HPC and massively parallel
  • Divergence-free two-phase flows with front-tracking for studying Faraday waves and related issues (massively parallel computing);
  • Flows combining a Low-Mach-number region with an incompressible one, including front-tracking, for two-phase flows at microscale (accurate numerical scheme);
  • Flows with microfluidic suspensions (asymptotic expansions, perturbation methods);
  • Incompressible flows in open domains for natural convection in buildings (adapted boundary conditions);
  • Second law analyses of processes, especially of solar-powered ones and those for refrigeration.

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