Research topics

The research activities of the ETCM group are devoted to the dynamics of external or internal flows by numerical, analytical and experimental methods. We are particularly interested in the study of flow instabilities, the transitional regimes or the turbulent tregimes of these flows. The sources of instabilities include mass or temperature gradients, the parietal friction, the interfacial tension, the Lorentz force, the thermo-acoustic coupling, phase changes, etc. To deepen the physical understanding of destabilization mechanisms, we develop cutting-edge numerical tools and are committed to a new experimental activity.


Research topics of the group

  • A first topic concerns Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), where the motion of a fluid conducting electricity is coupled to magnetic induction via the Lorentz force and Ohm's law.
  • A second topic Natural Convection deals with flows induced by temperature or mass gradients, by phase changes or by thermo-acoustic coupling.
  • A third topic concerns Instabilities, transition to turbulence, occuring in flows dominated by rotation or shear effects.
  • A fourth topic Waves and Thermal Processes deals with phenomena that appear in systems involving coupling between thermics and acoustics, or in free-surface systems under Leidenfrost effect.

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