Selected recent papers

Journal papers

  1. Wen Yang, Ivan Delbende, Yann Fraigneau and Laurent Martin Witkowski.
    Axisymmetric rotating flow with free surface in a cylindrical tank. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  2. Davide Faranda, Bérengère Podvin and Anne Sergent.
    On reversals in 2D turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection: insights from embedding theory and comparison with Proper Orthogonal Decomposition analysis. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 2019.

  3. Diana Baltean, Virginie Daru, Catherine Weisman, Sonia Tabakova and Hélène Bailliet.
    An unexpected balance between outer Rayleigh streaming sources. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  4. Raphaël Zanella, Caroline Nore, Frédéric Bouillault, Jean-Luc Guermond and Xavier Mininger.
    Influence of thermomagnetic convection and ferrofluid thermophysical properties on heat transfers in a cylindrical container heated by a solenoid. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2019.

  5. Andrés Castillo-Castellanos, Anne Sergent, Bérengère Podvin and Maurice Rossi.
    Cessation and reversals of large-scale structures in square Rayleigh–Bénard cells. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  6. Wietze Herreman, Caroline Nore, Norbert Weber and Gerrit Maik Horstmann.
    Perturbation theory for metal pad roll instability in cylindrical reduction cells. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  7. Miguel Beneitez, Yohann Duguet, Philipp Schlatter and Dan S Henningson.
    Edge tracking in spatially developing boundary-layer flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  8. Kohei Kunii, Takahiro Ishida, Yohann Duguet and Takahiro Tsukahara.
    Laminar-turbulent coexistence in annular Couette flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  9. Long Chen, Wietze Herreman, K Li, P W Livermore, J W Luo and A Jackson.
    The optimal kinematic dynamo driven by steady flows in a sphere. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2018.

  10. Raphaël Zanella, Caroline Nore, Frédéric Bouillault, Loïc Cappanera, Ignacio Tomas, Xavier Mininger and Jean-Luc Guermond.
    Study of Magnetoconvection Impact on a Coil Cooling by Ferrofluid with a Spectral / Finite Element Method. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2018.

  11. Zhenlan Gao, Bérengère Podvin, Anne Sergent, Shihe Xin and Jalel Chergui.
    Three-dimensional instabilities of natural convection between two differentially heated vertical plates: Linear and nonlinear complementary approaches. Physical Review E, 2018.

  12. Wietze Herreman.
    Minimal perturbation flows that trigger mean field dynamos in shear flows. Journal of Plasma Physics, 2018.

  13. Frédéric Moisy, Julien Bouvard and Wietze Herreman.
    Counter-rotation in an orbitally shaken glass of beer. Europhysics Letters, 2018.

  14. Takahiro Tsukahara, Takeru Tomioka, Takahiro Ishida, Yohann Duguet and Geert Brethouwer.
    Transverse turbulent bands in rough plane Couette flow. Journal of Fluid Science and Technology, 2018.

  15. Norbert Weber, Pascal Beckstein, Vladimir Galindo, Wietze Herreman, Caroline Nore, Frank Stefani and Tom Weier.
    Metal pad roll instability in liquid metal batteries. Magnetohydrodynamics, 2017.

  16. Norbert Weber, Pascal Beckstein, Wietze Herreman, Gerrit Maik Horstmann, Caroline Nore, Frank Stefani and Tom Weier.
    Sloshing instability and electrolyte layer rupture in liquid metal batteries. Physics of Fluids, 2017.

  17. Julien Bouvard, Wietze Herreman and Frédéric Moisy.
    Mean mass transport in an orbitally shaken cylindrical container. Physical Review Fluids, 2017.

  18. Loïc Cappanera, Jean-Luc Guermond, Wietze Herreman and Caroline Nore.
    Momentum-based approximation of incompressible multiphase fluid flows. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 2017.

  19. Jacobo Varela, Sacha Brun, Bérengère Dubrulle and Caroline Nore.
    Effects of turbulence, resistivity and boundary conditions on helicoidal flow collimation: Consequences for the Von-Kármán-Sodium dynamo experiment. Physics of Plasmas, 2017.

  20. Olivier Daube and Patrick Le Quéré.
    Numerical investigation of the first bifurcation for the flow in a rotor–stator cavity of radial aspect ratio 10. Computers and Fluids, 2002.

International conferences

  1. Yanshu Wang, Anne Sergent, Gilles Bernard-Michel, Patrick Le Quéré and Elie Saikali.
    Numerical assessment of confinement effect and flow structure in case of hydrogen release in a two-vented cavity. In International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. 2019.

  2. Yi. Wang, Sergent, Anne Sergent, Denis Lemonnier, Didier Saury and Patrice Joubert.
    Numerical simulation of convection-radiation coupling on thermal plumes in cavities. In International Heat Transfer Conference. 2018.

  3. Yuji Hattori, Makoto Hirota, Stéphane Le Dizès, Thomas Leweke, Stefan G Llewellyn Smith, Ivan Delbende, Maurice Rossi and Yasuhide Fukumoto.
    Instability and Nonlinear Dynamics of Curved Vortices. In International Symposium on Advanced Fluid Information. 2018.

  4. Can Selcuk, Ivan Delbende and Maurice Rossi.
    Dynamics of helical vortex arrays. In IUTAM Symposium on Dynamics and Topology of Vorticity and Vortices. 2017.

  5. Elie Saikali, Gilles Bernard-Michel, Anne Sergent, Christian Tenaud and Rami Salem.
    Highly resolved large eddy simulations of a transitional air-helium buoyant jet in a two vented enclosure: validation against particle image velocimetry experiments. In International Conference on Hydrogen Safety. 2017.

  6. Gilles Bernard-Michel, Elie Saikali and Deborah Houssin.
    Experimental measurements, CFD simulations and model for a helium release in a two vents enclosure. In International Conference on Hydrogen Safety. 2017.

  7. Virginie Daru, Diana Baltean and Catherine Weisman.
    Inertial Effects on Non Linear Acoustic Streaming. In International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics. 2015.

  8. Ludomir Oteski, Yohann Duguet and Luc Pastur.
    Lagrangian mixing in natural convection. In Chaos, Complexity and Transport 2015. 2015.

  9. Can Selcuk, Ivan Delbende and Maurice Rossi.
    Instabilities in helical vortex systems: linear analysis and nonlinear dynamics. In 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics. 2015.

  10. Zhenlan Gao, Bérengère Podvin, Anne Sergent and Shihe Xin.
    Lyapunov spectrum analysis of natural convection in a vertical, highly confined, differentially heated fluid layer. In International Conference on Chaotic Modeling, Simulation and Applications. 2015.

  11. Catherine Weisman, Diana Baltean, Ivan Delbende, Lin Ma and Luc Bauwens.
    Effect of a resistive load on the starting performance of a standing wave thermoacoustic engine. In Eurotherm Symposium 107, 3rd International Workshop on Thermoacoustics. 2015.

  12. Laurent Cadet, Anne Sergent, Patrice Joubert, Denis Lemonnier and Didier Saury.
    Convection-radiation coupling in a differentially heated cavity at high Rayleigh number. In International Symposium on Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer. 2015.

PhD Thesis

  1. Mebarek Belkadi.
    Numerical modeling of turbulent convection in rough Rayleigh-Bénard cell. 2019.

  2. Elie Saikali.
    Numerical modelling of an air-helium buoyant jet in a two vented enclosure. 2018.

  3. Raphaël Zanella.
    Thermomagnetic convection in ferrofluids: finite element approximation and application to transformer cooling. 2018.

  4. Andres Alonso Castillo Castellanos.
    Turbulent convection in Rayleigh-Bénard cells with modified boundary conditions. 2017.

  5. Shreyas Acharya Neelavara.
    Numerical study of transition to turbulence in plane Poiseuille flow in physical space and state space. 2017.

  6. Can Selcuk.
    Numerical study of helical vortices and their instabilities. 2016.

  7. Ludomir Oteski.
    Transition vers le chaos en convection naturelle confinée : descriptions lagrangienne et eulérienne. 2015.

  8. Loïc Cappanera.
    Stabilisation non linéaire des équations de la magnétohydrodynamique et applications aux écoulements multiphasiques. 2015.

  9. Laurent Cadet.
    Étude du couplage convection-rayonnement en cavité différentiellement chauffée à haut nombre de Rayleigh en ambiances habitables. 2015.

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