Selected articles (2015-2018)


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PhD defenses (2014-2018)


  1. Garnier, C. “Modélisation nume´rique des e´coulements ouverts de convection naturelle au sein d’un canal vertical asymétriquement chauffé”. Orsay, 2014, 207p.
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  9. Saikali, E. “Numerical modelling of an air-helium buoyant jet in a two vented enclosure”. INSTN - CEA Saclay, 2018, 268p.
  10. Yang, W. “Experimental and numerical investigations of rotating flows with deformable free surface”. Orsay, France, 2018, 165p.


HDR defenses (Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches) 2014-2018


  1. Sergent, A. “Numerical modelling of natural convection in confined domain”. Orsay, 2015, 66p.
  2. Martin Witkowski, L. “Instabilités des écoulements tournants en géométrie cylindrique”. Orsay, France, 2017, 167p.


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