Articles published in peer-reviewed journals (current and past year)


  1. Lin Ma, Catherine Weisman, Diana Baltean, Ivan Delbende and Luc Bauwens.
    Effect of a resistive load on the starting performance of a standing wave thermoacoustic engine: A numerical study. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 138(2):847–857, 2015.

  2. Wietze Herreman, Caroline Nore, Loïc Cappanera and Jean-Luc Guermond.
    Tayler instability in liquid metal colums and liquid metal batteries. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 771(5):79-114, 2015.

  3. Lyes Kahouadji, Nicolas Perinet, Laurette S Tuckerman, Seungwon Shin, Jalel Chergui and Damir Juric.
    Numerical simulation of supersquare patterns in Faraday waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 772:12, 2015.

  4. Caroline Nore, Jacques Léorat, Jean-Luc Guermond and A Giesecke.
    Mean-field model of the von Karman sodium dynamo experiment using soft iron impellers. Physical Review E 91(1):12, 2015.

  5. Zhenlan Gao, Bérengère Podvin, Anne Sergent and Shihe Xin.
    Chaotic dynamics of a convection roll in a highly confined, vertical, differentially heated fluid layer. Physical Review E 91(013006):14, 2015.

  6. Ivan Delbende, Benjamin Piton and Maurice Rossi.
    Merging of two helical vortices. European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids 49:363-372, 2015.


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