Research topics

Learning and cognitive processes

Learning is a complex phenomenon involving cognition, emotions, and multimodal expressions and perception. Experimental and field studies are conducted in the group to consolidate the understanding of human learning and cognitive processes in teenagers or adults. They are based on multiple theoretical backgrounds drawing mutual enrichment from their complementarities (psychology, informatics, ergonomics and professional didactic). Moreover, several research aim at designing learning devices and systems (hardware, software, scenario, etc.) with the double aim of:

1) studying learning and cognitive processes in order to guide the design process, and

2) using these learning devices and systems to understand and evaluate human learning and cognitive processes.

Cognition, Interaction Affective Multimodale et Agents Intelligents

This topic is quite relevant to the CPU group thanks to its strong links between Psychology and Human-Computer interfaces. We adopt an experimental approach and ground our work on multimodal corpora including acted but also spontaneous expressions. We developed different computational models of emotions based on models in human science.

Use, Activity, Behavior

This topic group experimental and field studies oriented by consolidating the understanding of technology use from different theoretical background : psychology, ergonomics and professional didactic. Human uses of technology are analyzed from complementarity approaches based on the concept of "behavior" or "activity". We conduct research on this topic to create knowledge on how humans use technology, the behavior production process and the human activity toward comprehensive, explanatory or predictive approach.




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