This page presents the publications (journals and conferences) of the current year.

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Journals 2015

  1. Céline Clavel, Léonor Philip, David Antonio Gomez Jauregui, Stéphane Padovani and Jean-Claude Martin.
    Usage des nouvelles technologies pour étudier les apprentissages scolaires et les favoriser. Enfance (1):15-34, 2015.

Journals Conferences

Conferences 2015

  1. Nicolas Sabouret, Kévin Darty and Julien Saunier.
    Calibration of Multi-Agent Simulations through a Participatory Experiment. In International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2015). 2015, 2.

  2. Thomas Huraux, Nicolas Sabouret and Yvon Haradji.
    Study of Human Activity Related to Residential Energy Consumption Using Multi-Level Simulations. In International Conference on Agents and ARTificial intelligence (ICAART 2015). 2015, 8.