EDF SMACH (Team leader Nicolas Sabouret)

The goal of this project is to simulate everyday life activity in households, in relation to energy consumption. In this project, the LIMSI works in collaboration with EDF on the definition of a multiagent multi-level simulation model that can be used to bring together different expertises from different domains (energetics, sociology, ergonomy...).





 VICTEAMS (Team leader Vincent Boccara)

The VICTEAMS project (Virtual Characters for team Training: Emotional, Adaptive, Motivated and Social) is funded by the National Research Agency (ANR). It started in Novembre 2014. Several members of the CPU group collaborate with external partners (UTC, IRBA, CEA, BSPP, EVDG, Reviatech). This project aims at designing both computational and psycho-ergonomics models for virtual environments featuring virtual characters that are endowed with emotion, social and cognitive capabilities for training rescuer teams. CPU is contributing to the following tasks: 1) analyze, model and specify the work situations, collective awareness and natural decision making process, 2) specify the computational model of the virtual environment, 3) design of the virtual system, and 4) evaluation during the design process and with end users. The project will contribute to better understand the collective activity of rescuer teams in order to cope with crisis situations involving numerous injured persons, from work analysis approach oriented by the concept of “activity”. Key issues are: 1) anticipating the intended use by trainers and trainees in order to support the learning and training process of the collective dimension of their activity; 2) evaluating the effective uses of trainees and trainers of the virtual environment during the design process (in order to drive the design decision) and, with the final prototype.

Last recent projects

TARDIS (Team leader Nicolas Sabouret, financement européen FP7 -  2010-2015 ) :

The TARDIS project (job interview simulation platform with an emotionnally intelligent virtual agent) is now used in more than 5 differente sites in France and the UK for professional training.





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