Research topics

Research activities in the AMI group addresses the following three topics :

  • Topic « Image »
    • The image is seen here both as a source of information to be interpreted (image in input) and as a medium for visualizing information (image in output): extracting visual information from images and videos; image and video recognition and analysis; Information visualization; computer vision for camera-projector systems.
  • Topic « Movement »
    • The "Movement" topic focuses on the study of movement in the context of human-machine interactions. One research axis is concerned with capturing, modelling, recognising and characterising whole-body movements in various interaction situations and use cases (French sign language, artistic practices, assistive technologies, therapy, etc.). A second research axis addresses the design and study of the influence of continuous sensory feedback on movement (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) on user experience, for example concerning their bodily awareness or their ability to learn new movements.
  • Topic « Handicap »
    • Topic « Handicap » deals with issues of design and evaluation of digital technology based support for people with special needs. Projects are being conducted for multiple conditions, including cognitive, sensory and motor disabilities.

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