Research topics

Research activities in the AMI group addresses the following four closely-related topics :

  • Topic « Image and Interaction »
    • deals with image processing for augmented reality and robot vision. It is an area where the relationship between data processing and acting in the world is particularly important.
  • Topic « Ambient and Interaction »
    • deals with new interaction issues within the context of ambient environments: spatial interaction, augmented reality within ambient environments, task assistance and supervision. It is where we think we can gain empirical evidence on how virtual and physical objects can be combined in order to produce meaningful experiences for helping people understand the future world in which they will live and to assist them in their daily tasks.
  • Topic « Haptic Interaction and Communication »
    • deals with the characterization of abstract environments, collaborative and emotional haptics. It also provides us with a test-bed for questions concerning the construction of mutual trust and confidence when learning to do new things together.
  • Topic « Interaction on Tactile Surfaces »
    • deals with problems where the use of a large tactile surface makes more sense and provide more benefits than the traditional mouse+keyboard+screen triple. This is the case, for instance, in the fields of multidimensional temporal data visualization and urban planning where there is a need for planners and politic decision makers to have collaborative and highly interactive tools to envision new cities.

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