Subject Type
2015 2018 Heroes Haptic Emotional RObot Experiments with Sensitive body Digiteo
2015 2018 iRON Internet of Things for post-stroke rehabilitation at home Institut Société Numérique
2014 2015   Affordance des interactions spatialisées dans l'ambiant AI CNRS
2014 2015   Fusion multi-sources pour la localisation d’objets dans l'ambiant AI CNRS
2014 2018 3D RENO Interactive interface for building renovation Industrial Collaboration
2014 2015 PINO Printing of Interactive Objects PREMATURATION IDEX Paris-Saclay
2014 2015 CollabReview Review of collaborative visualisation platforms Industrial Collaboration
2013 2014 Touch Study of air jet tactile stimulation IEEE TCH funding
2012 2015 HumanTouch Non-contact haptic communication of emotions Digiteo
2012 2013 HAIR Non-contact Haptic stimulation ASP CNRS
2011 2014 Fresco Frames of reference in spatial cognition ANR
2010 2013 Fluctus Interactive detection and identification of Lagrangian structures Digiteo DIM LSC
2010 2013 SUSTAINS Constraint-based Prototyping of Urban Environments FUI
2010 2011 Canal Haptique Haptic telepresence OSEO
2009 2010 UBISENSE Localisation d'objets dans l'ambiant AI-ASP CNRS
2008 2011 ATRACO Adapted and TRusted Ambient eCOlogies Projet Européen