Selected recent papers

Journal papers

  1. Davide Faranda, Bérengère Podvin and Anne Sergent.
    On reversals in 2D turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection: insights from embedding theory and comparison with Proper Orthogonal Decomposition analysis. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 2019.

  2. Srikanth Derebail Muralidhar, Bérengère Podvin, Lionel Mathelin and Yann Fraigneau.
    Spatio-temporal proper orthogonal decomposition of turbulent channel flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  3. Diana Baltean, Virginie Daru, Catherine Weisman, Sonia Tabakova and Hélène Bailliet.
    An unexpected balance between outer Rayleigh streaming sources. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  4. Andrés Castillo-Castellanos, Anne Sergent, Bérengère Podvin and Maurice Rossi.
    Cessation and reversals of large-scale structures in square Rayleigh–Bénard cells. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  5. Pierluigi Morra, Onofrio Semeraro, Dan S Henningson and Carlo Cossu.
    On the relevance of Reynolds stresses in resolvent analyses of turbulent wall-bounded flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  6. Lutz Lesshafft, Onofrio Semeraro, Vincent Jaunet, André V G Cavalieri and Peter Jordan.
    Resolvent-based modeling of coherent wave packets in a turbulent jet. Physical Review Fluids, 2019.

  7. Michele Alessandro Bucci, Onofrio Semeraro, Alexandre Allauzen, Guillaume Wisniewski, Laurent Cordier and Lionel Mathelin.
    Control of chaotic systems by deep reinforcement learning. Proceedings Royal Society London A, 2019.

  8. Laurent Soucasse, Bérengère Podvin, Philippe Rivière and Anouar Soufiani.
    Proper orthogonal decomposition analysis and modelling of large-scale flow reorientations in a cubic Rayleigh–Bénard cell. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.

  9. Nabil El Mocayd, Sophie Ricci, Nicole Goutal, Mélanie Rochoux, Sébastien Boyaval, Cédric Goeury, Didier Lucor and Olivier Thual.
    Polynomial surrogates for open-channel flows in random steady state. Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 2018.

  10. Francesco Picella, Jean-Christophe Loiseau, François Lusseyran, Jean-Christophe Robinet, Stefania Cherubini and Luc Pastur.
    Successive bifurcations in a fully three-dimensional open cavity flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2018.

  11. Zhenlan Gao, Bérengère Podvin, Anne Sergent, Shihe Xin and Jalel Chergui.
    Three-dimensional instabilities of natural convection between two differentially heated vertical plates: Linear and nonlinear complementary approaches. Physical Review E, 2018.

  12. Zhi Wu, Dewei Fan, Yu Zhou, Ruiying Li and Bernd Noack.
    Jet mixing enhancement using machine learning control. Experiments in Fluids, 2018.

  13. Andres Contreras, Paul Mycek, Olivier Le Maitre, Francesco Rizzi, Bert Debusschere and Omar M Knio.
    Parallel Domain Decomposition Strategies for Stochastic Elliptic Equations. Part A: Local Karhunen–Loève Representations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 2018.

  14. Andres Contreras, Paul Mycek, Olivier Le Maitre, Francesco Rizzi, Bert Debusschere and Omar M Knio.
    Parallel Domain Decomposition Strategies for Stochastic Elliptic Equations Part B: Accelerated Monte Carlo Sampling with Local PC Expansions. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 2018.

  15. Adil Siripatana, Talea Mayo, Omar M Knio, Clint Dawson, Olivier Le Maitre and Ibrahim Hoteit.
    Ensemble Kalman filter inference of spatially-varying Manning’s n coefficients in the coastal ocean. Journal of Hydrology, 2018.

  16. Matthieu Sacher, Régis Duvigneau, Olivier Le Maitre, Mathieu Durand, Elisa Bérrini, Frédéric Hauville and Jacques-André Astolfi.
    A classification approach to efficient global optimization in presence of non-computable domains. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 2018.

  17. Maria Cruz Navarro, Olivier Le Maitre, Ibrahim Hoteit, David George, Kyle Mandly and Omar M Knio.
    Surrogate-based parameter inference in a debris flow model. Computational Geosciences, 2018.

  18. Bérengère Podvin and Bérengère Dubrulle.
    Large-scale investigation of a turbulent bifurcation in the swirling Von Karman flow. Fluid Dynamics Research, 2018.

  19. Ruying Li, Diogo Barros, Jacques Borée, Olivier Cadot, Bernd Noack and Laurent Cordier.
    Feedback control of bi-modal wake dynamics. Experiments in Fluids, 2016.

  20. Bérengère Podvin and Patrick Le Quéré.
    Low-order models for the flow in a differentially heated cavity. Physics of Fluids, 2001.

International conferences

  1. Ziqiang Zou, Nicolas Grenier, Christian Tenaud and Edouard Audit.
    An accurate sharp interface method for two-phase compressible flows at low-Mach regime. In International Conference on Multiphase Flow. 2019.

  2. Nan Jiang, Etienne Studer and Bérengère Podvin.
    Iimprovement of Physical Modeling for Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer in a Square Cavity with Condensation in the Presence of Non-Condensable Gas. In International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics. 2019.

  3. Onofrio Semeraro, Peter Jordan, Vincent Jaunet and François Lusseyran.
    Nonlinear jet-flap interactions: a dynamical-systems analysis. In AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference. 2019.

  4. C Pivot, Laurent Cordier, Lionel Mathelin, F Guéniat and Bernd Noack.
    A continuous reinforcement learning strategy for closed-loop control in fluid dynamics. In Applied Aerodynamics Conference. 2018.

  5. Nan Deng, Luc Pastur, Marek Morzyński and Bernd Noack.
    Reduced-order modeling of the fluidic pinball. In International Conference on Chaotic Modeling, Simulation and Applications. 2018.

  6. Marta Zocca, Giulio Gori, Olivier Le Maitre, Pietro Marco Congedo and Alberto Guardone.
    A robust experiment design for the investigation of non-ideal compressible-fluid flow effects. In European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics. 2018.

  7. Oriol Colomés, Guglielmo Scovazzi, Ihab Sraj, Omar M Knio and Olivier Le Maitre.
    A Finite Volume Error Estimator Inspired by the Variational Multiscale Approach. In AIAA Non-Deterministic Approaches Conference. 2018.

  8. Elie Saikali, Gilles Bernard-Michel, Anne Sergent, Christian Tenaud and Rami Salem.
    Highly resolved large eddy simulations of a transitional air-helium buoyant jet in a two vented enclosure: validation against particle image velocimetry experiments. In International Conference on Hydrogen Safety. 2017.

  9. Diogo Barros, Jacques Borée, Andreas Spohn and Bernd Noack.
    Perturbing shear layers in a turbulent wake. In International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena. 2017.

  10. Camila Chovet, L Keirsbulck, Bernd Noack, M Lippert and J -M Foucaut.
    Machine learning control for experimental turbulent flow targeting the reduction of a recirculation bubble. In ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting. 2017.

  11. Camila Chovet, L Keirsbulck, Bernd Noack, M Lippert and J -M Foucaut.
    Machine learning control for experimental shear flows targeting the reduction of a recirculation bubble. In World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control. 2017.

  12. Eurika Kaiser, Ruying Li and Bernd Noack.
    On the control landscape topology. In World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control. 2017.

  13. C Raibaudo, P Zhong, Robert J Martinuzzi and Bernd Noack.
    Open and closed-loop control of a triangular bluff body using rotating cylinders. In World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control. 2017.

  14. S Ferrari, Y Hu, Robert J Martinuzzi, Eurika Kaiser, Bernd Noack, J Östh and S Krajnović.
    Visualizing vortex clusters in the wake of a high-speed train. In IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. 2017.

  15. Ruying Li, Bernd Noack, Laurent Cordier, Jacques Borée and Fabien Harambat.
    Machine learning control of the turbulent wake past 3D bluff body. In 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics. 2017.

  16. Kevin Bouaou, Ioannis Bargiotas, Damian Craiem, Gilles Soulat, Thomas Dietenbeck, Sophia Houriez-Gombaud-Saintonge, Alain De Cesare, Umit Gencer, Alain Giron, Alban Redheuil, Didier Lucor, Elie Mousseaux and Nadjia Kachenoura.
    Relative Aortic Blood Pressure using 4D Flow MRI: Associations with Age and Aortic Tapering. In Computing in Cardiology. 2017.

  17. Stéphanie Pellerin, Bérengère Podvin and Luc Pastur.
    Characterization of the Near-Wake of an Ahmed Body Profile. In International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics and Aeromechanics. 2016.

  18. Francesco Rizzi, Karla Morris, Khachik Sargsyan, Paul Mycek, Cosmin Safta, Bert Debusschere, Olivier Le Maitre and Omar M Knio.
    ULFM-MPI Implementation of a Resilient Task-Based Partial Differential Equations Preconditioner. In Workshop on Fault-Tolerance for HPC at Extreme Scale. 2016.

  19. Robert K Niven, Bernd Noack, Louis N Cattafesta, Laurent Cordier and Markus W Abel.
    Bayesian cyclic networks, mutual information and reduced-order Bayesian inference. In Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering. 2016.

  20. Audrey Gineau, V Shinde, Elisabeth Longatte, Didier Lucor and Pierre Sagaut.
    A macroscopic modeling of fluid structure interaction in cylinder array using the theory of mixture. In International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibration. 2016.

PhD Thesis

  1. Ye Hong.
    Synthetic boundary condition for compressible near wall turbulence with POD reconstruction. 2019.

  2. Florian Tuerke.
    Flow in a channel with two facing cavities. 2017.

  3. Shreyas Acharya Neelavara.
    Numerical study of transition to turbulence in plane Poiseuille flow in physical space and state space. 2017.

  4. Charles Pivot.
    Contrôle d’écoulements en boucle fermée par des méthodes d’apprentissages par renforcement. 2017.

  5. Kévin Kasper.
    Apprentissage d'estimateurs sans modèle avec peu de mesures - Application à la mécanique des fluides. 2016.

  6. Mohamed-Yazid Rizi.
    Commande performante et robuste d'un écoulement de cavité. 2015.

  7. Maria Adela Puscas.
    Méthode de couplage conservatif entre un fluide compressible non-visqueux et une structure tridimensionnelle déformable pouvant se fracturer.. 2014.

  8. Christelle Douay.
    Etude expérimentale paramétrique des propriétés et transitions de l'écoulement intra-cavitaire en cavité ouverte et contrôle de l'écoulement. 2014.

  9. Florimond Gueniat.
    Détection de Structures Cohérentes dans des Écoulements Fluides et Interfaces Homme-Machine pour l'Exploration et la Visualisation Interactive de Données Scientifiques. 2013.

  10. Thomas Rouillon.
    Modélisation par termes sources de générateurs de tourbillon et optimisation de leurs caractéristiques pour la réduction de traînée de véhicules automobiles. 2012.

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