Audio analysis and synthesis

The research topic "Audio analysis and synthesis" focuses mainly on the voice (speech and singing) and organology, broadly meaning the analysis, design, and playing acoustic and digital musical instruments.

The approach of theses matters is principled in digital audio, i.e. the acoustic and auditory information processing (computer science, signal processing, perception, acoustics). The topic makes also incursions in neighboring disciplines, such as human-machine interfaces, phonetics, music and musicology.

Speech synthesis (speech, singing voice) is an important research area. Several generations of text to speech synthesizers were (and are still) developed in French, Spanish, and more recently in Vietnamese.

The performative or real-time gesture controlled voice synthesis is a major concern of the topic, which occupies a leading international position in this area, following significant achievements in new singing instruments.

Studies in organology focuses on acoustic instruments (especially the clavichord and organ) and digital instruments. For new instruments, studies in organology deal manly with human-machine interfaces and digital audio effects for augmented instruments and musical composition

In connection with the other topics of the group, our work also includes sound diffusion and of voice quality analysis.

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