Research themes

Overview of the research themes/teams in the Group AA

  • Audio Analysis and Synthesis: The treated topics focus on the analysis of the vocal source, the gestural control of speech synthesis, synthesis from text, sound processing for real-time music applications, acoustics of the clavichord and organ, and analogies between manual gestures and prosody.
  • Expressive Prosody: The theme focuses on expressive abilities of speech prosody in communication. Interests are to quantify the changes in acoustic parameters which allow listeners to receive information as varied as the expression of an emotion, an attitude, or attentional focus on a part of speech.
  • Sound & Space: The theme is concerned with various aspects of the spatial nature of sound fields around a listener. These aspects are primarily centered on the creation of immersive auditory interfaces using 3D audio. As such, there is a strong interest in spatial auditory perception (spatial hearing) and virtual reality. In addition, a third line of research focuses on aspects of room acoustics, both in terms of measurement and characterization, as the need for realistic room simulations and understanding of spatial perception in rooms are key elements of the first two main topics.

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