Audio Acoustics (AA)

Sound is one of the most widely used means of human interaction and communication. Human-produced sounds (speech, music, and other expressive vocalizations), human sound perception, and sonic environments are studied in the Audio Acoustics Group (AA). These different sciences and technologies of sound are studied along three main lines, corresponding to the three research themes within the group.

Audio Analysis and Synthesis: Singing and speech analysis and synthesis, signal processing, organology, and digital arts.

Expressive Prosody: Speech prosody, including production and perception of emotions, relationships with language and culture, and similarities between vocal expression and music.

Sound and Space: Sound spatialization and 3D audio, including spatial hearing, virtual and augmented reality, and room acoustics.

Sound interaction and communication are closely related to other various research topics in both the Human Machine Communication and Mechanics & Energetics departments at LIMSI. This results in numerous fruitful collaborations between the AA group and the TLP group (expressive prosody, prosody in dialectology), the AMI group (haptic- and visual-sound interfaces), the CPU group (sound in cognition and interaction), the AERO group (voice source, cavity-flows), and the VENISE group (virtual acoustics). Finally, AA is co-leading the VIDA (Virtuality, Design, and Arts) transverse action.

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