Research support

The research support team is composed by:

  • Administration of Common IT Resources (AMIC)

Members: Jean-Claude Barbet, Olivier Lassalle, Elisabeth Piotelat and Nicolas Rajaratnam

  • Mechanical Optical Electronic Technical Unit (CTEMO)

Members: Vincent Bourdin, Dorine Caqueret, Vincent Gautier and Yves Maire

  • Computer engineering (P2I)

Members: Yann Fraigneau, Gilles Adda, Eric Bilinski, Laurence Bollot, Sylvain Caillou, Jalel Chergui, Laurent Pointal and Cyril Verrecchia

  • Administrative, Financial and Technical Service (SAFT)

Members: Maud Grenet, Guy Bélizon, Bénédicte Daly, Pascal Desroches, Carole Hoint, Isabelle Lollia, Sophie Pageau-Maurice, Valérie Ronflé and Laurence Rostaing

Campus universitaire bât 507
Rue du Belvédère
F - 91405 Orsay cedex
Tél +33 (0) 1 69 15 80 15


Scientific report

LIMSI in numbers

8 Research Teams
100 Researchers
40 Technicians and Engineers
60 Doctoral Students
70 Trainees

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