Happy New Year 2017

LIMSI is pleased to wish you an excellent New Year 2017, during which the laboratory members will continue to animate the community around our scientific themes, as illustrated by this selection of highlights from last year and for the year ahead.

Events that marked 2016

  • JEP-TALN-RECITAL: Sophie Rosset and Thierry Hamon, co-presidents, a common edition of three francophone conferences on automatic speech processing (JEP), for written or signed Natural Language Processing (TALN) and the version for student researchers (RECITAL), with a strong involvement by LIMSI for the organization, having welcomed more than 500 participants; 8 associated workshops, an exhibit opened to industries and the first Hackathon in NLP.
  • Journée Nationale de l'Internet des Objets - IOT Day: Mehdi AMMI, co-president of this first day open to all research on the subject of the Internet Of Things.
  • Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, LREC: Joseph Mariani, program committee, 10th edition of the international conference, more than 1100 participants, a main conference, 30 associated workshops and 6 tutorials.
  • Workshop Affect Compagnon Artificiel Interaction, WACAI: Céline Clavel, co-president - Jean-Claude Martin and Nicolas Sabouret, program committee, 7th edition of this workshop on artificial companion, affect and interaction, organized every 2 years.
  • International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, ICTAM: Christian Tenaud, co-chair of the thematic session on compressible flows of the 24th edition of this congress held every 4 years, bringing together the global mechanics community.
  • "Vers la Transition Energétique", WTE 2016: Michel Pons, scientific committee, workshop bringing together academic and business experts in the energy transition field, organized by the Université Paris-Saclay and the R&D of EDF Group.
  • Journée "Hydrates" de la Société Française de Thermique : Michel Pons, co-organizer, intended to bring together the academic and industrial laboratories and the community on this topic.
  • Handiversité :Hélène Maynard, steering committee, Yacine Bellik and Annelies Braffort, review committee, 2nd edition of this symposium organized by the Université Paris-Saclay on the issue of disability by addressing the aspect of innovation.
  • ACL 2016 : Marianna Apidianaki, co-president of the system demonstrations session. Annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, bringing together the linguistic computing community around a main conference, 15 workshops and 8 tutorials.
  • Traitement Automatique de la Parole Atypique, TALPA: Philippe Boula de Mareüil, co-president, one of the joint workshops at JEP-TALN-RECITAL.


And some planned in 2017

  • IFAC World Congress, Toulouse, 9-15 July: Bernd Noack, organization committee of the "Flow Control and Its Applications" symposium
  • International Workshop Series on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology, IWSDS, Pittsburgh, 6-9 June: Laurence Devillers, co-president of the organization commitee
  • 20ème Rencontre du Non-Linéaire, Paris, 21-23 March: Chi-Tuong Pham, organizer
  • 2nd Workshop on Machine Learning Control, wMLC-2, Valenciennes, 4-6 juillet : Bernd Noack, organization committee
  • 15ème École de "Mécanique des Fluides Numérique", MFN, Roscoff, 24-28 April: Bérengère Podvin, Olivier Le Maître, Lionel Mathelin, organization committee
  • International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation, SemEval, Vancouver, 3-4 AugustMarianna Apidianaki, organization committee
  • 10th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora, BUCC, Vancouver, 3 August: Pierre Zweigenbaum, co-president of the organization committee
  • 10th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, TSFP-10, Chicago, 7-9 July: Bernd Noack, organization committee
  • Journée de Dynamique des Fluides du Plateau de Saclay (JDFP), Orsay, 31 January: François Lusseyran, organizer
  • Festival CURIOSITas, Paris-Saclay, 18 au 21 May: Christian Jacquemin, organization committee


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