Doctoral schools and Masters degrees

The laboratory is assiciated to several Doctoral Schools from Université Paris-Saclay , which cover all the academic institutions members of this University:

  • ED STIC : Sciences et Technologies de l'InformatIion et de la Communication (Information and Communication Science and Technology). The laboratory is particularly involved in the pole "Data, knowledge, Machine Learning and Interactions" of this Doctoral School. Around 900 PhD students prepare a thesis in this Schoo, which covers the research in Computer Science area of the laboratory.
  • ED SMEMAG : Sciences Mécaniques et Énergétiques, Matériaux et Géosciences (Mechaniics and Energy Sciences, Materials and Geoscience) . This School covers the research area in Mechanics and Energy which are developed at LIMSI.
  • ED SSMMH : Sciences du Sport, de la Motricité et du Mouvement Humain (Sport, Motricity and Human Movement Sciences) . LIMSI research in Cognitive Science, and more generally related to movement are concerned by this School.  LIMSI is in charge of the program defined at the frontier between this School and STIC doctoral school.

LIMSI is also host laboratory of a Doctoral School from UPMC:

  • ED SMAER : Sciences Mécaniques, Acoustique, Électronique et Robotique (Mechanical Sciences, Acoustics, Electronics and Robotics). Research activities in Mechanics and Acoustics are mainly concerned by this Doctoral School.

Permanent staff of the lab are implied in Master's degrees of Université Paris-Saclay :

of UPMC :

and of several other higher education institutions in Paris area.

Most of these Master's degrrees offer specializations towards research area.

LIMSI's members are also teaching in Engineering Schools as:: Polytech Paris-Sud, CentraleSupélec, ENSIIE, Telecom Paris Tech, ...


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Scientific report

LIMSI in numbers

8 Research Teams
100 Researchers
40 Technicians and Engineers
60 Doctoral Students
70 Trainees


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