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Project List

  • QT21 (Quality Translation 21)
  • ANR BULB (Breaking the Unspoken Language Barrier)
  • ANR MetaDaTV (End-To-End TV Metadata)
  • PatientGenesys (Simulation numérique en santé)
  • ANR SALSA (Speech And Language technologies\ for Security Applications)
  • ORELO (Dialect identification)
  • CHIST-ERA JOKER (Towards social and affective relations with a robot)
  • ROMEO2
  • ANR Diadems (Description, Indexation, Accès aux Documents EthnoMusicologiques et Sonores)
  • PAPYRUS (Cross lingual supervision & adaptation)
  • iARPA Babel (Agile and robust speech recognition)
  • ANR VERA (Speech recognition error analysis)
  • ANR TransRead (Enriching bilingual reading and interaction with cross-lingual alignments)
  • CHIST-ERA CAMOMILE (Collaborative Annotation of multi-modal, multi-Lingual and multi-media documents)
  • Matrice (Equipex)

Campus universitaire bât 507
Rue du Belvédère
F - 91405 Orsay cedex
Tél +33 (0) 1 69 15 80 15


LIMSI in numbers

8 Research Teams
100 Researchers
40 Technicians and Engineers
60 Doctoral Students
70 Trainees

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