DAta science, TrAnsition, Fluid instabiLity, contrOl, Turbulence (DATAFLOT)

Permanents - Ivan Delbende (HDR, MCF, S.U.), Yohann Duguet (CR, CNRS), Didier Lucor (HDR, DR, CNRS), François Lusseyran (HDR, DR, CNRS), Laurent Martin-Witkowski (HDR, MCF, S.U.), Lionel Mathelin (CR, CNRS), Stéphanie Pellerin (MCF, U-PSud), Bérengère, Podvin (HDR, CR, CNRS) et Onofrio Semeraro (CR, CNRS).

Group leader - Didier Lucor


Control of turbulence constitutes a major challenge wite high potential of positive outcomes in a large number of applications in the fields of engineering sciences. To this end, it is crucial to understand the mechanisms of rising and growth of instabilities as well as the initiation and development of turbulence.


DECIPHer: Data-EnhanCed modelIng for comPutational mecHanics


Instabilité, Transition, Turbulence et Contrôle


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